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Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management for Complex Operations

MentorAPM integrates powerful Asset Performance Management (APM) and decision support with optimized Work Execution to extend asset availability and reliability and improve overall performance.

When APM is fully integrated with enterprise asset management and maintenance, you are able to move from being a reactive organization to being proactive and high performing.

MentorAPM is embedded with asset management intelligence that leverages decades of industry experience and asset history across hundreds of plants. The software mentors you toward the right AM strategies for proactive management for better outcomes.

Criticality assessments powered by Criticality Analyzer™ drive better risk discovery and direct work priority for optimal resource allocation. Integrations with IoT/OT connect asset condition and operation insights and alerts to the right repair actions or asset interventions.

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Master Asset Libraries

MentorAPM comes with extensive catalogs of Master Asset Libraries to jump-start your asset management program. These libraries are fully integrated with all the APM and work management features, ensuring consistent data input for accurate analysis.

  • All of the libraries are industry-vetted, field-tested and proven, based on decades of utility operations
  • Cover both fixed and network asset types
  • Includes assets and components
  • Information is filtered by relevant asset types and component types
  • Customizable to reflect your unique operating context.



  • 335+ Master Asset Types
  • Asset-Specific PM Strategies
  • Condition Scores and Definitions
  • Stress Scores
  • Failure Profiles
  • Failure Modes
  • Failure Rates
  • Failure and Condition Detectability
  • Component Failure Frequency of Occurrence
  • Component Impact (Criticality)
  • Corrective Actions
  • Root Causes

Right Assets at the Right Time

Do The Right Thing to The Right Assets at the Right Time

The aggregate knowledge contained in these libraries then informs and directs work priority and appropriate asset strategy selection.

  • Sets initial PM scheduling and asset strategy adjustments
  • Guides you to the right PM on the right intervals
  • Determines appropriate corrective action scheduling
  • Guides failure finding and helps scale risk
  • Directs condition assessment choices

Improve the Data You Collect

Improve the Data You Collect – Understand Your Utility Better

Easy to use drop-down menus with standard definitions and scales makes sure your crew collects consistent and normalized asset information. Higher quality data leads to better asset knowledge so you can make better decisions for better outcomes.

Risk and Criticality Analysis for Water and Wastewater Utilities

The MentorAPM suite includes Criticality Analyzer™, which helps your utility move quickly from analysis to action. Prioritize work orders, capital spend, and risk-mitigating strategies, and decide where to target your resources, so you can maintain the critical infrastructure assets you manage.

Criticality Analyzer

Criticality Analyzer™ is a superior risk analysis application for your facility that:

  • Is tailored to your unique utility and driven by your most important values
  • Is up to 5 times faster than a conventional criticality analysis tool
  • Includes 100% of your systems and assets, so you can identify previously unrecognized risk
  • Delivers precise and reliable risk-rankings you can count on
  • Has documentation capabilities that meet ISO55000 standards
  • Connects the long-term strategic view to daily work and asset strategy execution

Comprehensive and Integrated

Comprehensive and Integrated

Criticality Analyzer™ easily manages multiple complex risk parameters, combining them into an overall criticality & risk ranking. The results are integrated within the full MentorAPM suite, automatically updating work and asset priority:

  • PM schedules are automatically updated based on revised risk profiles.
  • Changes in asset risk numbers trigger Level of Service impact alerts.
  • Changes in asset condition scores and asset failures generate updated risk rankings.

Asset Condition Management

Asset condition management is an essential part of asset performance management. MentorAPM helps you assess, monitor and understand the condition of your assets. Asset condition information along with criticality scores allows you to scale risk and set priorities.

Condition Management

Asset Condition Management

  • View graphical condition history
  • Track component condition history
  • Assign a component failure rate curve to estimate corrective action intervals for planning
  • Resource load leveling
  • Track frequency of maintenance and intervals to estimate asset service life
  • Cost analysis of repair or replace for value-based decision support

Condition Assessment

Condition Assessment

MentorAPM supports your condition assessment programs, enabling easy collection, attachment and recall of condition data. Condition assessment data is supported by standardized libraries of conditions scores for all types of assets including pipes.

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring

It is become easier and easier to remotely monitor the condition of critical assets throughout your utility.

MentorAPM integrates with IoT instruments and SCADA to bring in asset condition data.

Periodic manual condition monitoring of assets is easily completed using the InField Mobile solutions.

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