Why MentorAPM?

Asset management can quickly spin out of control

When you don’t have a solid asset management plan or the tools that go along with it, you end up “shotgunning” your resources. Daily work is mostly about putting out fires. Asset information is missing. Your work backlog balloons. Capital plans become a shot in the dark. And worst of all, you feel completely lost about where to begin or how to set priorities.

Is your current asset management system helping?

Not only is there too much to do, but you probably don’t have a great CMMS/EAM to help you get it done. Many utilities are stuck on bespoke CMMS systems that are difficult to manage and heavily customized, which puts more burden on IT every time an update is released. Newer solutions might be on the cloud but they’re often too simple or single purpose.

Some systems are only good for managing your network assets; others don’t have built-in mobile or capital planning capabilities. Most systems are fine for managing work but they don’t help you figure out what your priorities need to be. And far too often, utilities have invested a lot of time and money in an asset management system nobody wants to use.

Discover the Mentor in us

At its core, success comes down to being able to confidently identify risk, set priorities and target resources. That requires one source of truth that combines an effective asset management plan with the right tools to put it into action. Having spent decades in process operations and enterprise asset management ourselves, we knew that utilities needed a solution that was easier all the way around.

Easy to use

Addresses the challenges of managing highly complex assets and operations while being easier too perate and maintain.

Easy to own

Simplified licensing (no counting seats), faster deployment, multi-tenant cloud, regular updates without interruption and a very lowIT burden.


MentorAPM provides end-to-end asset lifecycle management in a single, unified platform. From daily work orders to risk-based capital investment plans and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

It’s like having a really smart engineer right beside you

Knowing that utilities struggle to build their bench strength, we filled MentorAPM with extensive master asset libraries, including asset type codes, failure modes and codes, asset care strategies, condition definitions and scoring to build a strong asset management program supported by best practices.

To set the stage, we start with training workshops that get everyone on the same page for successful adoption of your new system – ensuring that its implementation and configuration reflect business processes that support your asset management strategy.

This pyramid shows an outline of activities in a sequence that drives you toward the aim of service, asset and fiscal sustainability.

Explore the roadmap that supports the implementation of the MentorAPM suite in our Asset Management Playbook.

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