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We know that selecting and deploying enterprise software solutions can be painful, expensive and take a long time. We built MentorAPM to deliver a different kind of experience. We make it easier, faster and make sure you get great value for your investment.

MentorAPM solutions are all cloud SaaS applications, hosted on AWS with robust security protocols.

We offer value pricing and streamlined subscriptions and licenses that make sense.

We deploy rapidly, connecting to your data and systems with our open APIs and implementation accelerators, so you are up and running quickly.

MentorAPM Applications

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MentorAPM Enterprise Suite 3.0 APM + Work

The complete MentorAPM Enterprise suite delivers powerful Asset Performance Management integrated with optimized Work Execution. In addition to APM + Work, your Enterprise Suite subscription includes all of the MentorAPM Asset Libraries, Criticality Analyzer, InField Mobile access for your organization, Work & Resource Load Leveling and GIS integration.

Unlimited seats and no asset count limits.

MentorAPM Booster Modules

You might be happy with your current asset management solution or not quite ready to change it but still need to make it better. MentorAPM EAM Boosters add value and function to an existing EAM and boost your ability to get the right things done.

Rapid Implementation & Integration

MentorAPM modules will be quickly and safely integrated with your existing systems, asset data and GIS database.

MentorAPM Criticality Analyzer (M-CA)

MentorAPM Criticality Analyzer (M-CA) facilitates rapid and accurate cross-functional criticality analyses of your operation to deliver precise and reliable risk-rankings you can count on.

A Criticality Analysis is a powerful decision-support tool for identifying and mitigating risk, setting the right priorities and directing limited resources to the most critical systems to optimize performance, risk and cost.

Unlimited Seats and Records

MentorAPM InField Mobile

The MentorAPM InField Mobile platform with built-in GIS can be integrated with any existing enterprise system. The Mobile platform includes multiple role-based applications to make it easier for everyone on your team to work better wherever they are. Mobile lets you use your own devices (iOS or Android) and works in connected or disconnected modes.

Mobile only subscription based on seat count

Work & Resource Load Leveling

This latest MentorAPM module connects work priority and asset risk knowledge to planning and scheduling for optimal resource and work planning.

Priority, Risk & Criticality Driven Planning
Automated Resource Leveling
Resource Planning & Requirements
FTE Forecasting
Turn Around Scheduling
One Click Year-At-A-Glance

Unlimited Seats and Records

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