MentorAPM Releases Version 3 of Groundbreaking CMMS and Asset Performance Management Platform

Version 3: CMMS and Asset Performance Management Platform

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MentorAPM announces Release 3.0 of its Work and Asset Performance Management platform. The MentorAPM suite was built first for water and wastewater utilities and is also suitable for asset-intensive organizations in any industry, managing complex assets and facilities.

MentorAPM 3.0 enhancements build on the platform’s unique capabilities for effectively managing both vertical and horizontal assets within one system. The new improvements include the completed integration of Criticality Analyzer™ with its powerful criticality and risk assessment tools and reporting, augmented Asset Condition Assessment processing, and Spare Part Inventory Management.

“With Release 3.0, we have continued to listen to our customers and the industry in order to deliver a solution that both leads and supports improved utility management,” says John Clow, MentorAPM co-founder and COO/President.

MentorAPM 3.0 upgrades include:

  • Advancements in powerful Asset Condition Assessment processing  
  • Criticality Analyzer™ integration
  • Spare Part Inventory Management
  • Financial Transaction Processing
  • Improved Preventive Maintenance processing
  • Improved, easier to use navigation and menus
  • New edit features to allow easy management of information
  • Simplified management of security profiles

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MentorAPM builds on the architecture and success of Infield Mobile™, a mobile application suite that dramatically increases productivity and improves work quality for field work management and operations. Expanding on the leading-edge design of Infield Mobile, the full MentorAPM suite offers a single work and asset performance management SaaS solution for an entire water/wastewater utility’s asset management needs.

“We built MentorAPM because we believe utility managers deserve better tools. With version 3.0 we are continuing to improve the platform so that you can get even better value from your investment, to deliver greater value from your assets,” says Tacoma Zach, co-founder and CEO of MentorAPM.

The MentorAPM development team continues to add capabilities with an innovative Work Load Leveling module in development for Q1 2021, while continuing work on advanced condition management and Asset Intelligence features.

About MentorAPM

MentorAPM is powered by the passion of its co-founders John Clow and Tacoma Zach to do the right thing - and their firm conviction that just accepting the way things are is simply not okay.

Water and wastewater utilities are tired of spending millions buying and implementing asset management software and then being handcuffed to inadequate solutions and forced to spend more on buying and managing third-party plugins. This status quo needs to change.

MentorAPM is groundbreaking Work & Asset Performance Management (CMMS) software built for water/wastewater utilities. MentorAPM offers a superior single SaaS solution for utilities at prices and terms that make sense.

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