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Smarter asset management software

Water & wastewater utilities work hard to protect some of our most precious resources. MentorAPM helps you manage your assets, people, and information — so you can best serve your community.

Software built for water & wastewater utilities

Scalable for water/wastewater agencies of 5MGD or greater
Manage work & performance of critical infrastructure assets
Full GIS integration & mobile workforce management
Built-in asset strategy libraries: hundreds of asset types, thousands of failure modes & PMs
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Which describes your experience with your utility’s water asset management software?

water asset management software that still uses spreadsheets

We’re old school — we use paper and spreadsheets.

Getting started with utility asset management software can be overwhelming. We help you develop a transition plan that your entire team will embrace.

Water Utility Management Software
CMMS software for water utilities

We purchased CMMS software, but we’re frustrated.

We can help you reorganize and reboot your asset management plan with the software tools you and your teams really need.

Benefits for Utility Managers
looking for a new water asset management tool

We’ve used the same system for a long time. It's time to explore our options.

We can assess your needs and provide the information you need to make decisions about upgrading or replacing your utility asset management system.

Coaching & Consulting

EAM, CMMS, or APM: Understanding how they work together

“Smarter, more advanced asset management strategies will save water utilities $41.9 billion in capital expenditures by 2027.”
- Bluefield Research

What Good Asset Management Looks Like: A Free Playbook

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How does MentorAPM compare?

While many options exist for water utilities — Oracle, Cityworks, Infor/Hansen, Maximo — here are some features that are unique about our asset management software:

Manage both your treatment plants and your networks.
Powerful asset strategy management and decision support
Identify risk, prevent failures, and reduce costs.
No more being handcuffed to legacy software that doesn’t meet your needs.
No more forced upgrades and lengthy contract negotiations.
When Where Is Not Enough

Manage both your vertical & horizontal assets with one solution

To manage your network assets, you really need to know where they are. That’s why MentorAPM includes a full GIS integration to give you all the power of location information.

But when it comes to managing your complex plant assets, you also need a lot more than where. MentorAPM’s powerful asset hierarchy tools deliver superior asset strategy and risk management.

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